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Classic car purchase
Electric Cars
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Tire Sale
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Classic car purchase

Tomorrow's collector cars

Overlooked affordable collector cars
Do you want to get into the collector car hobby and have limited funds? There are plenty of currently undesirable or overlooked future collector cars out there that can be had for a bargain basement price now. Think about today's most sought after collector cars like big block muscle cars and exotic sports cars, there was a time when these were just used cars that sold in the classifieds of your local paper barley notice. There is really no sure fire way of determining what cars will shoot up in value in the future, but a few basic rules seem to apply historically.

Getting into the vintage car hobby

Are you thinking of getting into the classic car hobby but just haven’t been able to make that big jump into an actual purchase. You have a lot of questions like, What car is right for me, where do I find the best cars, how much should I pay?  Do I look for a project car or purchase a complete ready to drive car?
Here are a few simple steps you can follow to make sure you end up with a car or project that you will enjoy for years to come. These steps will help you avoid making common mistakes and winding up with a project that sits for years untouched in your garage or back yard never to be completed.
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