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Some overlooked general maintenance tips

Some overlooked general maintenance
1. Brake flush. Your brake system is one of the most important safety features of your car, but also has one of the most overlook maintenance items on the car. The brake fluid itself. Everyone knows to periodically have the brakes check for wear, but did you know the brake fluid must be changed too. All non silicone brake fluids like DOT 3 & 4 are hydroscopic and absorbed moisture. Over time this will lower the boiling point and effectiveness of the fluid. Most manufacturers recommend changing the fluid every two years.
2. Gear oil. If you own a rear wheel drive car or truck or a four wheel drive vehicle your differential level should be check at major service intervals to ensure it’s not low. Always top up with the recommended fluid for your car. Look for leaking axle seals if the fluid is low. Check your owner’s manual to see if the manufacturer recommends changing the fluid at a certain mileage.
3. Manual transmission fluid. Most people know they must service their automatic transmission fluid, but many forget about the fluid in their manual transmission. Once again it’s very important to check the manufacture’s maintenance schedule to see if there is a change interval on the trans fluid as well as the type of fluid to be put in.                      

4. Lighting. On todays cars with composite headlights it’s not good enough to just check that the bulbs work, you also have to make sure the plastic lenses are not cloudy to the point hardly any light is getting out. Cloudy headlight lenses will greatly reduce the distance you will see at night. There are many commercially available headlight restore kits on the market and most do a good job of returning the lights back to working condition. If your on a budget and don’t want to spring for a restoring kit you can try some very light polishing compound on a clean soft cloth. Try a small area first to make sure what your using works safely before doing the entire light. This will clean the lenses nicely, but does nothing to seal them as the restoring kits do, but it will get you by for a while.        

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